2015 – Week #6

 How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety – 10 tips to help.
We Don’t Care Enough to Give You Constructive Feedback – “You can delight in the fact that someone cares enough to speak up, and dance with their insight and contribution.”
15 Sales Training Opportunities – “If you want to build a personal brand that stands the test of time, being good at what you do counts for than being known.”
Customer Focus Eliminates Waste – “Have you or your company ever rushed a product or service to market because YOU thought that was what the customer needed and then if failed?”
Never Stop Learning – “It will be critical to being present in your own future.”
How to Be a Google Power User – “Search engines are the backbone of everyday internet use, but are you aware of the hidden tips and tricks to improve your search?”


How Safe is Your Job? (Freakonomics) – “When will the robots replace us?”

Entanglement (Invisibilia) – Interesting podcast that includes a segment on “mirror touch synesthesia“.

The Unspoken Commitment (Manager Tools) – A cast about the professional obligation to speak up if you are going to miss a project deadline.


Under the Hoodie – Frank Caliendo does a profile piece on Bill Belichick.



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