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First of all, thanks for checking out the stack.

My name is Terry Lockwood.  I wear a lot of hats – child of my Father, son of my parents, husband to my wife, father to my boys, brother to my sisters, leader of an IS team, member of the management team, and servant to my church.  I have the great fortune to be the Director of Information Services for a fantastic company, J&J Flooring Group, that manufactures commercial carpeting.  I am a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee and spent a good part of my professional life living and working in the Atlanta area.  I am happily married to my wife for more than 32 years and have two sons who are great and responsible young adults.

The blog’s purpose is to share some of the interesting ideas that I run across on the web.  Practically all of the information is the original work of other authors and I link to their work to ensure that proper credit is attributed.  Through the use of the blog, I am able to consolidate these ideas and then invite others to share in my good fortune.  I hope you enjoy some of the information presented on the web.


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